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Things that lower abortion rates:

  • Better access to condoms
  • Accessible birth control 
  • Accessible Plan - B pills
  • Comprehensive sex education

Things that do not lower abortion rates:

  • Abstinence-Only sex education
  • Banning contraceptives
  • Shaming people who have sex or get abortions
  • Making abortion illegal

Friendly daily reminder that the entire pro-life movement is basically pointless and counterproductive

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ok, so I was with my boyfriend last night and while we were making out, I got a text, and my text alert is the mutant enemy “grr argh” sound… He started laughing and he was all like “I have never expected to hear a cow moo while I’m kissing someone” and I was all like “No, it’s not a cow sound, it’s the um..  the mutant enemy thingy, you know, the


And i was Tara Maclay for a moment